Swatching Part 2

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Tuesday 17th May - 7.30pm BST

In this class we will be about moving on from Fair Isle swatching and planning what to do with your ideas. 

The Let’s Swatch class helps you test out the colours and motifs you want to put together, now it’s time to put those swatches to use and make something real. With templates for gloves and hats we will work through the decisions that need to be made as well as some of the problems we might need to solve to finish up with a design that works.

£35 per person which includes the PDF with all notes for how to make gloves and hats.

Spaces are limited so make sure you claim your place.

This Class is expected to last: 2 hours

I would highly recommend joining a “Let’s Swatch” session before this class. Additionally the knowledge from the “Design a Crown” and/or “All About Mitts” sessions will come in very helpful during this class depending on which project(s) you plan on working on.

Please come to class with a Fair Isle swatch to use as a jumping off point. This should include motif(s) with the colours placed, either knitted up or planned out on graph paper. These do not need to be perfect, it is just somewhere to start, design plans may alter in the planning process during this class.

If you have any questions please email me: