Fair Isle for Beginners - Part 2

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Thursday 31st March - 7.30 pm BST

Wednesday 4th May - 7.30pm BST

This class follows on from Fair Isle for Beginners. We will be discussing your practice knitting, checking for any unhelpful habits and troubleshooting any problems you run into before diving into Fair Isle knitting even further. Covering instructions you might run into when knitting a garment and fixing Fair Isle mistakes as well as a few extra tips to help you with your knitting.

£35 per class which includes a PDF and links to remind you of techniques and things to consider as you knit.

Spaces are limited so make sure you claim your place.

This class is expected to last: 2 hours

There is homework to complete before the class starts, please see the order confirmation email for details. 

Materials required: 3mm knitting needles and 2ply/fingering yarn of your preference.