Correcting Mistakes in Knitting

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Tuesday 1st of March - 7.30 pm GMT

Everyone makes mistakes as they knit, whether we’re beginners, we’ve read the chart wrong, or we got distracted, it happens all the time. Having the confidence and knowing how to fix the problem is one of the most useful skills in knitting. 

I will walk you through how to fix the most common mistakes, what to do if you know there is a problem but you’re not sure what the problem is, and answer all of your questions.

£35 including a PDF with information for you to look back on later.

This class is expected to last: 1.5 hours

Please bring any items you have questions about, or a swatch of knitting (Fair Isle/ Stocking Stitch/ Ribbing) if you would like to try some corrections during the class. No materials required to attend.